Type Crafting
Effects +6-30% armor while at low health

Unbreakable is a skill in the crafting skill tree. The skill is in the fourth tier of the skill tree, and requires Industry specialist or Blacksmith at level 5 to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will increase armor by 6% while at low health.

Low health threshold is 25% and lower. It is indicated by your health bar blinking red.

Skill tree[edit]

Experience is awarded per craft, not per item crafted (when there are multiple). For example, when you craft wood bridges you will make 2 bridges. Crafting wood bridges doesn't give you 2x the XP because you make 2 bridges.

However, when holding down CTRL to craft multiple 10x at once, you will get 10x the XP as a single craft. The game treats this as 10 separate crafts.

Each crafting skill level increases your armor by 0.5%, for up to 50% at level 100.

Base builder
+6-30% chance to gain an extra item when crafting any wall, floor, bridge, or fence

The right tools in the right hands
+4-20% chance to not lose durability when using tools and weapons

High quality equipment
+4-20% chance to not lose durability on equipment when taking damage

+4-20% chance to gain an extra item when crafting any item at the alchemy table or distillery

Industry specialist
+1-5 extra items gained when crafting rails, wires, or conveyor belts

Crafting items at the anvil and repairing items costs 5-25% less materials

Jewelry crafter
+10-50% chance to gain a polished version of any item crafted at the jewelry workbench

+6-30% armor while at low health
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