Slime Merchant

Slime Merchant
Slime Merchant
Aggressive No
Faction Merchant
Health 100,000
Pre-spawned Yes
Summon item Slime Oil

The Slime Merchant NPC is initially trapped within Glurch the Abominous Mass. They are released upon defeating the boss. Slime Oil is a guaranteed drop from Glurch. It can be used to lure the Merchant towards you, by holding it in a hot-bar slot. Or place the Slime Oil on the floor of a suitable room to summon the Merchant there while it is off-screen. See full housing requirements.


This merchant sells a limited stock of items (below) in exchange for Ancient Coins.

Sprite Name Stock Price Sell requirement
Scrap Parts 500 5Ancient Coin None
Slime 20 5Ancient Coin None
Fiber 10 8Ancient Coin None
Copper Ore 10 8Ancient Coin None
Tin Ore 10 15Ancient Coin Ghorm's statue activated
Iron Ore 10 30Ancient Coin The Hive Mother's statue activated
Gold Ore 5 55Ancient Coin The Hive Mother's statue activated
Larva Meat 10 10Ancient Coin Ghorm's statue activated
Shiny Larva Meat 2 75Ancient Coin All statues activated
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