Igneous the Molten Mass

Igneous the Molten Mass
Igneous the Molten Mass
Location Molten Quarry
Scanner Igneous the Molten Mass Scanner
Aggressive Yes
Faction Slime
Health 160,799
Pre-spawned Yes
Summon item Giant Slime Summoning Idol

Igneous the Molten Mass is a boss enemy. It is an optional side boss that is not required to be defeated to advance the story.


Igneous spawns in Molten Quarry. It spawns approximately 1400 tiles away from the core at a random angle, or 2.97 times longer radius than the great wall. When you get close, your screen will shake periodically. Its lair is a big open space covered with ground lava slimes. These ground slimes burn your character, dealing constant damage.

To respawn Igneous after it has been killed, place Giant Slime Summoning Idol on its rune circle. The idol can be purchased from the Caveling Merchant for 500Ancient Coin. The merchant will restock their items after some time has passed.


Has 3 attacks:

  • Jump attack
  • Fireball in your general direction
  • Spawn molten projectiles that slowly moves towards the boss. If the boss touches this projectile, it'll be healed

Enrages at 50% health, increasing its frequency and speed of attacks.


  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to stun
  • Immune to slippery movement
  • Immune to burning


Type Damage
Jump attack 399
Fireball 517


Item Chance per roll Chance for 1 or more
Igneous' Chest
1 roll
Magma Horn Armor 22.22%
Magma Torso Armor 22.22%
Magma Shin Armor 22.22%
Scorching Aegis 22.22%
Burnzooka 11.11%
4-6 rolls
8-10Magma Slime 46.9% 95.78%
2-3Ancient Gemstone 23.45% 73.72%
2-5Galaxite Ore 23.45% 73.72%
Cipher Parchment 1.88% 9.04%
Magma Horn Armor 0.94% 4.6%
Magma Torso Armor 0.94% 4.6%
Magma Shin Armor 0.94% 4.6%
Scorching Aegis 0.94% 4.6%
Burnzooka 0.47% 2.32%
Igneous Figurine 0.09% 0.47%



  • Weapon: Range weapon
  • Equipment: Reinforced galaxite equipment or higher

Prepare the arena

The boss does not have a large aggro radius. You can try to prepare the arena around it. Fill up holes, not with bridge, but with ground, as the boss can destroy bridges by jumping.

Optional: Add turrets

Turrets can be used to add additional damage if you have excess materials. Circle the arena with turrets.

Immunity to burning

There are 2 sources of burning immunity. The first one is a set effects from molten gear dropped by this boss. The second one is a cooked effects of Verdant Dragonfish or Elder Dragonfish. Found by fishing in lava.

Optional: Immunity to being slowed by slime

Grub Egg Necklace and Larva Ring set effects can provide this benefit if you don't have enough movement speed to avoid its attacks.

Destroy molten projectiles as quickly as you can

It can heal the boss by a big amount.

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