Orange Slime

Orange Slime
Orange Slime
Location Dirt Biome
The Clay Caves
Aggressive No
Faction Slime
Health 105

Orange Slime are an enemy mob spawned on Ground Slime. Also referred to as slime blobs and just slime. They are one of the least dangerous enemies in the game, given their low damage and passivity.


Passive until attacked, then they will attempt to jump on an adversary. This includes attacking Spike Traps and Hive Spike Traps, making them effectively suicidal, after one initial hit from a trap.


  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to acid damage


Type Damage
Jump attack 31


Item Chance
Slime 66.73%
Scrap Parts 11.72%
Heart Berry Seed 8.2%
Bomb Pepper Seed 8.2%
Fungal Soil 2.34%
Ancient Gemstone 1.17%
Copper Key 1.17%
Crown Summoning Idol 0.23%
Slime Figurine 0.23%
Red Slime Figurine 0.18%

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