Glurch the Abominous Mass

Glurch the Abominous Mass
Glurch the Abominous Mass
Location Dirt Biome
Aggressive Yes
Faction Slime
Health 2,459
Pre-spawned Yes
Summon item Giant Slime Summoning Idol

Glurch is one of the three Bosses of early game progression. It is usually the first boss a player encounters, always 65 tiles from the core. Glurch has an underground shaking jump attack similar in pattern to that of the regular sized Orange and Red Slime mobs found close by. Like them, Glurch is only modestly challenging to fight.

When defeated, the Slime Merchant NPC is released. Glurch always drops Glurch Eye, one of the three items required to power up The Core. Once emplaced in its Boss Statue, the world save file is marked with this item icon.


Glurch spawns in the Dirt Biome, close to the starting area. Its spawn rune is always about 65 tiles away from the core, but at a random angle. Glurch jumps periodically, causing screen shake as players drawn near.

Its lair is a big open space covered with Ground Slime. This ground covering significantly slows player movement speed and occasionally spawns passive Orange Slime and aggressive Red Slimes.

To respawn Glurch after it has been killed, place a Giant Slime Summoning Idol on its rune circle. The idol can be purchased from the Caveling Merchant for 500Ancient Coin. Merchant NPCs will restock their items after some time has passed.


Glurch will aggro upon taking damage, or any player coming within 4 tiles of it. Its only attack is attempting to jump on top of players. Just before jumping it will flash white, giving time to react.

At 30% health it will enrage, increasing the speed and frequency its jumps. If there are no players with about 23 tiles of its spawn rune, it will begin to reset its position and health.

Glurch will destroy any walls, floor tiles or objects it lands on. It also creates Dirt Ground in and deposits additional Ground Slime.


  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to stun
  • Immune to slippery movement


Type Damage
Jump attack 60


Item Chance per roll Chance for 1 or more
Glurch Chest
Glurch Eye
Slime Oil
1 roll
Melting Crystal Ring 21.82%
Blob Rosary Necklace 21.82%
Wooden Shield 12.73%
Swift Feather 43.64%
3-5 rolls
8-10Slime 52.91% 95.08%
1-2Ancient Gemstone 10.58% 36.07%
1-2Mechanical Part 5.29% 19.54%
2-5Copper Ore 10.58% 36.07%
1-3Tin Ore 5.29% 19.54%
Melting Crystal Ring 3.17% 12.11%
Blob Rosary Necklace 3.17% 12.11%
Wooden Shield 1.85% 7.2%
Swift Feather 6.35% 23.08%
Glurch Figurine 0.79% 3.14%


Recommended gear[edit]

  • Equipment: Copper or ideally Tin equipment.
  • Accessories: Movement speed boost or any.
  • Food: Movement speed boost from cooked food including Bomb Pepper and anything else.


Stay right in front of Glurch and keep attacking non-stop. Just before jumping it will flash white, this is the cue to kite away. Players may even dodge underneath, in the opposite direction, given sufficient move speed. Once Glurch lands, immediately keep hitting it and repeat until it's defeated. Glurch's damage is not that high, so any looted Healing Potions are a bonus safety net.

The area can optionally first be prepared: carefully kill any existing Orange Slime and Red Slime. Then fill in any water gaps with solid Dirt Ground and pick up Ground Slime with a Shovel or Hoe. Being careful not to walk within 4 tiles of Glurch and keeping in mind that it will create new slime patches as it jumps.


Looting or crafting a Slingshot, or other range weapon, may allow the player to kite more safely. Being careful not to move beyond 22 tiles away from Glurch's initial position, at which point it will begin to return to its spawn rune, resetting more quickly to full health.

Alternatively, standing at exactly 14 tiles from the edge of Glurch, or any slime boss, will allow a player to damage them without drawing aggro or them resetting. That's 13 clear tiles in between player and a slime boss. This is a dead zone in their behaviour that enables cheesy fight wins and easy farming.

Demonstration of the exact tile range to cheese all slime bosses

If keeping a slime boss static, throughout a kill, then 5 Spike Traps can be used across the top of their rune summon spot. These must be in the exact positions depicted, below, to be able to hit the boss while not being broken by their jumping.

These 5 traps will do an average of 110 damage per second. Not enough to kill any of the slime bosses on their own, verses their passive self-heal when not attacking. But this bonus damage source might be enough to tip the scale towards a player being able to kill them with a weaker ranged weapon. Or just speed up farming them a little.

Spike trap cheese spot - boss must not chase any players
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