Caveling Hunter

Caveling Hunter
Caveling Hunter
Location Azeos' Wilderness
Aggressive Yes
Faction Nature caveling
Health 870

Caveling Hunter is an enemy mob found in Azeos' Wilderness. They respawn periodically on Lush Moss.


They are sneaky snipers, temporarily disguising themselves as a Wilderness Bush. When attacking, they try to maintain a range on their opponent. They may shoot players from a significant range, almost off-screen. Their Flintlock Musket attack has a high projectile speed that is hard to dodge, but a slow rate of fire.


Type Damage
Melee 106
Range 152


Item Chance
Nothing 82.93%
Lush Moss 4.88%
Ancient Gemstone 2.93%
Ancient Feather 2.93%
Flintlock Musket 1.95%
Hunter Cloak 1.95%
Hunter Hood 1.95%
Caveling Hunter Figurine 0.49%
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