Spirit Merchant

Spirit Merchant
Spirit Merchant
Pre-spawned No
Summon item Ancient Hologram Pod

A Spirit Merchant NPC appears above each Ancient Hologram Pod placed on the ground. There can be many in one world.

The Pods can be crafted after defeating The Hive Mother boss to obtain the Heart of the Hive Mother. Then placing the heart into her Boss Statue effigy near the Core to power it up and unlock its Workbench capabilities.

Interacting with a Spirit Merchant opens up a trading interface which functions more like workbenches for crafting.

A Spirit Merchant NPC appearing above an Ancient Hologram Pod


Ancient Hologram Pod

Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner5Ancient Gemstone 5Mechanical Part 10Ancient Feather
Ivy the Poisonous Mass Scanner8Ancient Gemstone 8Mechanical Part 90Poison Slime
Omoroth the Sea Titan Scanner10Ancient Gemstone 10Mechanical Part 20Sea Shell
Morpha the Aquatic Mass Scanner10Ancient Gemstone 10Mechanical Part 90Slippery Slime
Ra-Akar the Sand Titan Scanner20Ancient Gemstone 20Mechanical Part 40Scarab Wingcover
Igneous the Molten Mass Scanner20Ancient Gemstone 20Mechanical Part 120Magma Slime
Large Shiny Glimmering Object10Copper Bar 10Tin Bar 10Iron Bar 10Scarlet Bar 5Gold Bar 3Ancient Gemstone
Expert Lure1Purple Bait 30Spicy Bait 30Sweet Bait 30Glowing Bait 30Octarine Bar 10Ancient Gemstone
Thumper50Fiber 50Plank 30Scarlet Bar 30Galaxite Bar 10Mechanical Part 20Ancient Gemstone
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