Caveling Merchant

Caveling Merchant
Caveling Merchant
Aggressive No
Faction Merchant
Health 100,000
Pre-spawned Yes
Summon item Mysterious Idol

The Caveling Merchant NPC can be found in a naturally occurring Scene in The Forgotten Ruins. Or they can be summoned by placing a Mysterious Idol in a valid room (see requirements). Mysterious Idol is a guaranteed drop from defeating Ghorm the Devourer boss.

Caveling Merchant scene


Sprite Name Stock Price Sell requirement
Caveling Bread 5 25Ancient Coin None
Iron Chunk Necklace 1 320Ancient Coin None
Flintlock Musket 1 415Ancient Coin None
Giant Slime Summoning Idol 3 500Ancient Coin None
Ghorm Summoning Idol 3 500Ancient Coin None
Hive Mother Summoning Idol 3 500Ancient Coin None
Mechanical Part 5 55Ancient Coin All statues activated
Ancient Gemstone 5 60Ancient Coin All statues activated
Rune Parchment 1 2,000Ancient Coin All statues activated
Empty Crystal 1 3,000Ancient Coin All statues activated
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