How to Get the Rune Song Legendary Sword

Right click while holding Rune Parchment, with all ingredients, to channel Rune Song crafting

This guide focuses on explaining how to find the main 3 elusive ingredients for crafting the Rune Song. Namely: 1Broken Handle, 1Chipped Blade and 1Clear Gemstone. These are each guaranteed items in 3 different, dynamically spawned Scenes.

There are also 3 easy to locate components: 50Iron Bar, 10Ancient Gemstone and a Rune Parchment, bought from the Caveling Merchant for 2,000Ancient Coin. Cash for this can easily be made by crafting and selling a large number of Conveyor Belts or spare stacks of food, for example.

Dynamic World Generation of Scenes (IMPORTANT!)[edit]

Screenshot of Maptool showing a medium maze (top right) and Chipped Blade temple (bottom left) in Azeos' Wilderness of his example map, fully revealed with the help of mods.

The order of world exploration is key to successfully finding these scenes, because scenes are spawned by player exploration!

See complete explanation: World generation algorithm.

Scenes are not all forcibly spawned on world creation, like boss locations and main dungeons. So they can appear within about 32 tiles of anywhere a player has been, in the relevant biome. Or occasionally, adjacent to other structures that have not been seen yet. These will trigger terrain generation and may also spawn an adjacent scene. Ghorm's track has this effect too.

Only one scene is spawned per 'map chunk' - 64x64 section of the world (excepting the Dirt Biome). Most scenes land close to the middle of a chunk, but are randomly offset. Sometimes they may be far off to one side, especially if they are small.

To aid in shaping your search pattern, you can view the exact location of the map chunk grid in your world by opening it in Map Tool. This is a 3rd party website which stores no user data and includes instructions for use:

Broken Handle[edit]

The easiest of the main ingredients to find, you may even get multiple, from these loot drop sources:

Or as a guaranteed item in the Ancient Chest at the centre of the largest maze:

Large Maze (StoneMaze)
Can only appear in The Forgotten Ruins, but might fail to spawn at all in some worlds.
This very large maze has a single correct route between unbreakable walls, with no shortcuts. It's populated with many Cavelings and Ancient Crate. The chest at the centre always contains: Broken Handle,..

Clear Gemstone[edit]

The rarest ingredient, there is only ever one per world. So you would need to search multiple worlds to make multiple Runesongs.

You must find the medium sized obsidian maze, which can be spawned in either The Forgotten Ruins or Azeos' Wilderness!

Medium Maze (AncientMaze)
Appears in either The Forgotten Ruins or Azeos' Wilderness.
This maze has unbreakable walls with water and dirt blocks in gaps. The chest in the middle always contains a Clear Gemstone.

The search strategy may depend upon where you have already been in the current world:

  • Fresh world - aim to search through the whole of The Forgotten Ruins in adjacent columns, about 30 tiles apart. Or 64 tiles appart, if you are sure to align your path to the middle of the world's chunk grid. For which you can use Map Tool or initially offset yourself by 32 tiles from the middle of the core.
  • Explored a little of both - It is probably best to eliminate the stone biome, first, with a fairly thorough search of the entire area, before moving on to the Wilderness again. Keeping in mind that your searching may cause this maze to spawn just beyond wherever you look, if it's not already been added to the world.
  • Wilderness explored a lot but stone biome very little - It could be more likely to have spawned in the Wilderness. In which case you might try to explore the dark areas of map directly around where you first entered the lush biome, within 30-60 tiles, either side. Note, however, that it is quite common for Ghorm's circular path to spawn the maze before players even moved from The Core.

Starting a fresh world might be considered a cleaner option. But it is still possible that the medium maze could fail to spawn in the stone biome. It's unknown whether scenes are randomly spawned adjacent to the boss spots and the Main Mold Dungeon. If so, they do not initially trigger terrain generation, as shown in the graphic at the end of the world gen explanation.

Chipped Blade[edit]

Only 3 of these small temples can spawn per world, exclusively in Azeos' Wilderness. They are so small that they are easy to miss, especially if they are recessed or buried in Grass Walls.

Chipped Blade Temple (WorshipMuralScene)
Azeos' Wilderness - 3 instances maximum.
The temple has unbreakable walls, and the door can only be opened by holding a Glow Tulip. Check the pedestals for a guaranteed Chipped Blade and Gold Crystal Necklace.

As with the Clear Gemstone's medium maze, above, you should first search around any areas you have already explored, in the Wilderness. Trying to start from your first point of entry and progressing chronologically. Or else starting over with a new world.

Your search pattern should be tighter, as this is such a small feature with no internal illumination. They are not necessarily placed into the middle of the 64x64 world chunk grids, either (see example map, above).

It's recommended to explore in an expanding spiral pattern, such that you never leave behind any side of where you have explored. Where a temple could have been placed. Use your in-game map as a rough guide, to make sure it is all illuminated in this area. Vertical paths no more than 30 tiles apart, horizontal paths closer still.

However, given that there are up to 3 instances, there's a good chance of just getting lucky. So a hybrid approach might be fastest - initially using open areas, around lakes and chasms, to cover more ground more quickly. But still trying to keep your exploration in a confined and expanding area, that you may have to make a second pass over later.

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