Events make thematic changes to the appearance of some enemies, bosses and the world. They also allow the acquisition of certain event related items. Many of these are accessed through the Seasonal Merchant.

Seasonal events[edit]

These events reoccur on a yearly cycle. By default, they run from their start to end dates listed below.

Event name Override season setting Start date End date Main menu logo
Cherry Blossom Seasonal Event Cherry blossom March 22 March 31
Anniversary Seasonal Event Anniversary March 8 March 20
Valentine Seasonal Event Valentine February 6 February 28
The Great Egg Hunt Easter April 5 April 16
Christmas Seasonal Event Christmas December 13 January 5
Creepy Costume Party Halloween October 25 November 8
None Turn off seasons or
Don't override season when between seasonal dates

Overriding seasonal events[edit]

The current event can be specified at any time via the main menu -> Settings -> Gameplay settings -> Override season.

In multiplayer, the setting of the player (or server) hosting the world takes precedence over those joining.

When launching a dedicated server, the event can be overridden with one of these (Steam properties) launch commands: -season Valentine, -season Easter, -season Halloween, -season Christmas and -season None.

One time events[edit]

These were special past events that do not recur yearly.

Name Season Start date End date
Jingle Jam Charity Event December 1, 2021 December 14, 2021

Version history[edit]

  • - Events can now be overridden with an in-game setting from main menu, instead of Steam launch argument.
  • - Events could be triggered or disabled at any time by specifying Steam launch options.
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