Molten Quarry

Molten Quarry

Molten Quarry is a volcanic sub-biome of The Desert of Beginnings. It's blackened terrain is riven with lava and burning hot Ground Magma Slime, which spawns both of the enemies here.

The lava itself overrides the desert biome with it's own fishing loot tables. The native fish give very high cooked food stats. And consuming a Starlight Nautilus gives a one time 100 additional permanent max health.

Igneous resides in a larger Molten Quarry area at a distance of 1400 tiles from The Core. While the Ancient Forge scene, essential for crafting the Soul Seeker Pickaxe, can be found at a 1600 tile radius.




Wearing King Slime's 2-set, King Slime Crown and Royal Gel, make a player allied with both mobs of this biome. Useful for hassle free exploration and looting.

Otherwise, just take your time clearing out the mobs and use Scarlet Hoe to pick up the dangerous Magma Slime covering the ground.

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