Big Hive Larva

Big Hive Larva
Big Hive Larva
Location Larva Hive Biome
Aggressive Yes
Faction Larva
Health 688



  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to acid damage


Type Damage
Melee 132
  • Can destroy any wall


Only Big Hive Larva spawned during initial terrain generation give drops. Those spawned by The Hive Mother during her boss fight give none at all.

Item Chance
Larva Meat 30.53%
Slime 30.53%
Bomb Pepper Seed 15.27%
Caveling Skull 9.16%
Grub Kapok Seed 9.16%
Peasant Hat 1.53%
Peasant Chest 1.53%
Tin Axe 0.92%
Shiny Larva Meat 0.61%
Grub Egg Necklace 0.31%
Big Larva Figurine 0.31%
Big Hive Larva Figurine 0.15%
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