Rapid shots

Rapid shots
Rapid shots
Type Range combat
Effects +2-10% range attack speed

Rapid shots is a skill in the range combat skill tree. The skill is in the first tier of the skill tree, and has no requirement to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will increase range attack speed by 2%.

Skill tree[edit]

Rapid shots
+2-10% range attack speed

Keeping momentum
Gain 2% range damage every time an enemy is shot, stacks up to 2-10 times

Weakness detection
+2-10% chance on ranged hit to increase critical hit chance by 100% for a short duration

Slimy bullets
20% chance to slow down target by -8-40% on ranged hit

Charging in
+4-20% chance on ranged hit to increase melee damage by 15%

Stun shot
+4-20% chance to stun targets on ranged hit

Focused accuracy
+5-25% range damage after standing still for a short duration

Amplified precision
+8-40% critical hit damage
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