Maxed out!

Maxed out!
Maxed out!
Type Vitality
Effects +6-30% of all skill points added to max health

Maxed out! is a skill in the vitality skill tree. The skill is in the first tier of the skill tree, and has no requirement to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will add 6% of all skill points as max health.

Skill tree[edit]

Maxed out!
+6-30% of all skill points added to max health

Strong and healthy
+2-10% damage while at max health

Desperate fighter
+4-20% damage while at low health

Stayin' alive
Gain +0.2-1 health every sec while below half max health

Healing potency
+6-30% more healing from health over time regeneration

Lingering potions
Healing potions also heal for +6-30% of health gained from the potion over time

Protection of the Ancients
+3-15% reduced damage taken from bosses

Cheat death
+2-10% chance to restore a bit of health instead of dying when taking lethal damage
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