Endurance runner

Endurance runner
Endurance runner
Type Running
Effects +5-25% less food drained when running

'Endurance runner is a skill in the running skill tree. The skill is in the first tier of the skill tree, and has no requirement to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will decrease food drained when running by 5%.

Skill tree[edit]

Endurance runner
+5-25% less food drained when running

Balanced stance
+5-25% dodge chance after standing still for a short duration

Gotta go fast!
+2-10% movement speed after running consistently for a short duration

On your toes
+4-20% movement speed boost for a short duration after dodging an attack

Escape artist
Snare and stun durations reduced by +10-50%

Keeping tempo
+3-15% damage after consistently running for a short duration

Encumbering presence
Any nearby enemies movement speed is slowed down by -5-25%

Breaking barriers
+6-30% armor of current movement speed increase
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