Healing potency

Healing potency
Healing potency
Type Vitality
Effects +6-30% more healing from health over time regeneration

Healing potency is a skill in the vitality skill tree. The skill is in the third tier of the skill tree, and requires Strong and healthy or Desperate fighter at level 5 to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will increase health over time regeneration by 6%.

Skill tree[edit]

Maxed out!
+6-30% of all skill points added to max health

Strong and healthy
+2-10% damage while at max health

Desperate fighter
+4-20% damage while at low health

Stayin' alive
Gain +0.2-1 health every sec while below half max health

Healing potency
+6-30% more healing from health over time regeneration

Lingering potions
Healing potions also heal for +6-30% of health gained from the potion over time

Protection of the Ancients
+3-15% reduced damage taken from bosses

Cheat death
+2-10% chance to restore a bit of health instead of dying when taking lethal damage
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