Expert gardener

Expert gardener
Expert gardener
Type Gardening
Effects +3-15% chance that plants planted by you become golden

Expert gardener is a skill in the gardening skill tree. The skill is in the fourth tier of the skill tree, and requires Thorny weapons or Thorny skin at level 5 to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will add 3% chance that plants planted by you become golden.

Skill tree[edit]

An experience point is awarded for each fully grown plant manually harvested (not for wood).

Characters initially fail to retrieve seed from about 25% of the plants they harvest. Requiring more to be looted to maintain the same stock, until the Grateful gardener talent has 5 points in it.

Each gardening level increases a players extra harvest chance by 0.4%, for up to 40% at level 100. So able to gain an average of 14 vegetables for each 10 plants harvested.

Grateful gardener
+5-25% chance to gain a seed when harvesting plants

Eat your vegetables!
+5-25% food when eating plants or cooked food made out of plants

Bottomless water can
+10-50% chance to not consume water when using water can

Thorny weapons
+5-25% critical hit damage

Thorny skin
+10-50 thorns damage

Poison coated weapons
+5-25% chance to apply poison on hit, reduces enemy healing received by 75%

Expert gardener
+3-15% chance that plants planted by you become golden

Potent poison
+5-25% damage against poisoned targets
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