Long-lasting food

Long-lasting food
Long-lasting food
Type Cooking
Effects +6-30% longer cooked food buff durations

Long lasting food is a skill in the cooking skill tree. The skill is in the third tier of the skill tree, and requires Not so picky or Healthy diet at level 5 to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will increase cooked food buff durations by 6%.

Skill tree[edit]

Cooking experience is gained when taking cooked food dishes out of a Cooking Pot.

Each cooking Skill level increases your extra cooked food chance by 0.2%, for up to 20% at level 100.

Utilizing every nutrient
+5-25% food from cooked food

Not so picky
Well fed buffs are gained at +2-10% lower food

Healthy diet
Well fed buffs are +20-100% stronger

Fast food
+1-5% melee attack speed when eating cooked food

Long-lasting food
+6-30% longer cooked food buff durations

The smell of food
+4-20% damage dealt by you and all nearby allies

Master chef
+5-25% chance for additional food gained from cooking to be rare

Sharing is caring
+0.1-0.5 health every sec to you and all nearby allies
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