Improved bait

Improved bait
Improved bait
Type Fishing
Effects Fish bites +5-25% faster

Improved bait is a skill in the fishing skill tree. The skill is in the second tier of the skill tree, and requires Angler's advantage at level 5 to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will make fish bites 5% faster.

Skill tree[edit]

Each catch, fish or non-fish, awards one experience. Catching non-fish items avoids the reeling-in mini-game, so is faster and preferable for efficient levelling.

Each fishing skill level increases your fishing power by 1, for up to 100 at level 100.

Angler's advantage
Fish starts +3-15% closer to be reeled in

Fisherman's luck
+4-20% chance to get a fish on the hook

Improved bait
Fish bites +5-25% faster

Studied patterns
+2-10% dodge chance

Steady feet
+10-50% reduced impact of slippery movement

Throwing expert
+10-50% fishing rod throw range

Well-trained aim
+6-30% of fishing added as range damage

Power of Omega-3!
+3-15% damage against bosses after eating fish or cooked food made out of fish
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