Dirt Biome

Dirt Biome

Characters start at The Core in the centre of this small circular biome. Unlike the other biomes, it shows no name at the top right of the full map screen. The same as the neutral boundary areas between all the other biomes, to which it is connected.

Walls here are soft enough to easily break with the most basic Wood Pickaxe or even bare hands, if necessary. Gathering the local Copper Ore will allow easily crafted upgrades to all your equipment.

Patches of Ground Slime spawn Orange Slimes which are not aggressive until first attacked, but rarer Red Slimes are will immediate chase if they sense a foe close by. Fungal Soil respawns Mushrooms, for easy farming complicated only by similar looking Shrooman, whose enthusiastic charge attack is more cute than dangerous.

Other native plants are Heart Berrys, Glow Tulips and Bomb Peppers. These introduce new players to gathering seeds for Gardening. While small bodies of water permit early Fishing.

Various Scenes may spawn in this area with extra loot.



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