Version 0.3.0-297a

Main Features[edit]

  • New biome: Azeos Wilderness
  • New biome: Mould Biome, located in Azeos Wilderness
  • Lighting Optimisation

New NPCs[edit]

  • Azeos the Sky Titan (boss)
  • Ivy the Poisonous Mass (boss)
  • Malugaz the Corrupted (boss)
  • 5 new enemies

New Mechanics[edit]

  • New items with shield mechanic: Equipable in off-hand
  • New item with dash mechanic: Equipable in off-hand
  • Automation table: Allows creation of conveyor belts, drills & robot arms
  • Electronics table: Allows creation of generators, wires, circuits & more
  • Fishing: 19 unique fish & many other loot drops
  • Railway forge: Allows creation of rails & minecarts
  • Cartography table: Allows players to share explored areas on their maps
  • Cookbook available in cooking pot: Used for storing recipes

New Items[edit]

  • More than 10 new weapons
  • More than 20 new types of armour & gear
  • New workbench tier: Scarlet workbench
  • Distillery table: Allows creation of stronger potions
  • Salvage & repair station: Used to maintain gear
  • Monster figurine collectables: Can be used as decoration
  • Oracle cards collectables
  • New valuables
  • Large water can

Additional Content[edit]

  • New unique locations in the world
  • Tier 3 & tier 4 talents available in the talent trees
  • Activation of the Core

Gameplay Changes[edit]

Balancing Improvements[edit]

  • Slow down effects now work on bosses
  • Increased inventory size
  • Increased health from sleeping
  • Enemies drop loot when killed by secondary sources (e.g. killed by spike trap)
  • Starting lantern now has a bit longer glow range
  • Health potions now have a cooldown after drinking
  • Removed durability from paint brushes


  • Lighting Optimisation
  • Titles for each biome
  • Changing between weapons does not require pressing left mouse button again to attack
  • Added a cursor to the centre of the map when using controller
  • Gravestones can now be picked up by hitting with melee weapon

Art and Animation[edit]

  • New icon for water can
  • Changed position of item hover description
  • Tweaked colours on the map
  • Indicator that skills have unsigned talent points.
  • New icon for wood bridge
  • Tools only drain durability when used for their intended purpose, e.g. durability is no longer drained when hitting wooden crates
  • Tools & gear now become unusable when reaching 0 durability instead of breaking
  • Increased size of chests inventory space


  • Sound effect when entering a new biome

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Credits does not scroll while in-game
  • Paintable walls/floors now appears on the map
  • Stone doors now can be used to allow merchant to move in
  • Fixed so bosses does not turn invisible
  • “Gotta go fast” buff is no longer gained by sleeping
  • Shift+right click does not give more cooking skills
  • Gravestones can now be picked up when dropped next to the hive mother.
  • Painting a wall with the same colour again makes it disappear for a second
  • V-sync no longer effects scrolling speed in menus
  • And more!


  • Credits updated
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