Version 0.3.6-e4dd



  • 4 types of easter eggs can be found and gathered in the world for a reward when combined. These eggs will be removed after the egg hunt event but any rewards will be permanent.

Balancing Improvements[edit]

  • Increased the damage of the burning effect from Malugaz equipment set bonus.
  • Slightly increased the amount of max health that Ghorm gains per player. The max health has not been changed in single-player mode.
  • The health of Azeos crystals no longer scales with the amount of players.


  • Player health ratio now stays the same when max health changes.


  • Digging up plants with a shovel or hoe now correctly has a chance to yield extra plants from the extra harvest chance.
  • Scarlet gear set bonus now correctly gives crit chance and not attack speed.
  • Fixed an issue where grass would sometimes spawn inside walls.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting while holding a broken weapon would still have the reach and attack speed of the broken weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hologram Pod NPC could hold items if shift clicking an item to add it to the NPC inventory. Any current items held by the Hologram Pod can be received back by destroying/releasing any placed Hologram Pod.
  • Fixed an issue where talents and buffs that increase health regeneration effectiveness were not calculated correctly.
  • Fixed a visual issue where eyes were rendered incorrectly when using fishing rods.
  • Fixed a visual issue where peasant armour was not rendered when fishing.


  • Changed attack speed to show one decimal of precision.
  • Improved the descriptions of “The smell of food” and “Sharing is caring” talents to clarify that they apply to the player as well as their allies.
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