Night vision

Night vision
Night vision
Type Mining
Effects +2-10 tiles visible ore distance

Night vision is a skill in the mining skill tree. The skill is in the second tier of the skill tree, and requires Efficient excavation at level 5 to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will increase visible ore distance by 2 tiles.

Skill tree[edit]

Mining experience is gained by dealing mining damage to a wall with a pickaxe or melee hit (punch). Unbreakable walls, or those the player is not able to damage, will not award experience points. Walls that are broken too slowly will not award any experience.

Each mining skill level increases your mining damage by 1, for up to +100 at level 100. Every fifth level awards a skill point that can be allocated in the mining talent tree. Populating it from the top:

Efficient excavation
+2-10% mining damage

Meticulous miner
+5-25% chance to gain an additional ore from walls containing ores

Night vision
+2-10 tiles visible ore distance

Miner's strength
+2-10% of mining damage added as melee damage

Mine, mine, mine!
+3-15% mining speed

Explosives engineer
+4-20% explosives damage

Pick and run!
+4-20% movement speed boost for a short duration after mining a wall

+0.2-1% chance to drop a valuable item from any mined wall
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