Version 0.3.9-1a62 (experimental)

Version 0.3.9-1a62 (experimental)
Version 0.3.9
Build number 0.3.9-1a62
Release date April 27, 2022
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Version 0.3.8-6d31 (experimental) Version 0.3.10-e440 (experimental)

This is an experimental client patch for Core Keeper, numbered version 0.3.9-1a62 (experimental). It was released on April 27, 2022.



  • Dedicated servers are now available.
  • The repair system has been reverted back to using scrap parts as a result of working together with and gathering feedback from our community. The costs of scrap parts have been rebalanced so higher tier items cost more scrap parts. Scrap parts can be gained through salvaging again. The current materials gained from salvaging are still gained as well. The Bearded Merchant now also sells scrap parts instead of wood.
  • A reinforcement mechanic has been added that allows players to extend the durability of their items as well as giving the item a small stat boost. Reinforcing an item costs some of the item's crafting materials.
  • Added scrap parts that can drop from destructibles and some enemies.
  • Higher tier hoes now cover a larger area. This works for both tilling and gathering plants in larger areas.
  • Added a digging damage stat to shovels that impacts how many uses it takes to dig up ground. Health of ground has been rebalanced around the digging damage of shovels so that higher tier shovels are more effective against lower tier ground and lower tier shovels are less effective against higher tier ground.
  • Added a Scarlet Hoe that can be crafted in the Scarlet Workbench.
  • Added a Scarlet Shovel that can be crafted in the Scarlet Workbench.
  • Moved the Scarlet Sword to be crafted in the Scarlet Anvil instead of the Scarlet Workbench.
  • Large Watering Can now covers 2x2 tiles. More watering options coming later!
  • Fishing rods no longer have durability.
  • The chance to gain kelp from fishing has been reduced, and we’ve added resources such as ores, wood, fibre and scrap parts that can be gained from fishing.

Balancing Improvements[edit]

  • Slightly increased damage of Rune Song.
  • Increased the max health of bosses.
  • Azeos enrages at a bit higher health percentage.


  • Other players can be made server admins from the pause menu.
  • Players can be banned by admins from the pause menu.
  • Added a button beside the Game ID for admins to regenerate the Game ID.


  • Fixed an issue with water visuals glitching sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where the second option in pop ups would sometimes not become highlighted when selected.
  • Other players no longer play a “take damage” effect when their max health is reduced.
  • Player health bar no longer blinks when other players max health is reduced.
  • Fixed placement and digging being blocked by self for a small period after moving away.
  • Fixed enemies becoming invisible sometimes instead of dying.
  • Fixed Obsidian Walls popping up sometimes after digging a pit.
  • Fixed double graves if exiting while dying.
  • Fixed Recall Idol being able to consume the wrong item if switching equipped item right before teleport.


  • Decreased network bandwidth usage of Azeos’ beams.
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